ADV Communication opera attraverso un completo sistema di certificazioni integrate:

  • Quality Management System Certified Against ISO 9001:2008
  • Social Accountability Management System Certified Against SA 8000 : 2008
  • Information Security Management System Certified Against ISO 27001 : 2005
  • Occupational Health& Safety Management System Certified Against OHSAS 18001: 2007
  • Environmental Management System Certified Against ISO 14001 :2004
  • RINA 1861. BEST 4 Together for Excellence 2013


Oggetto delle Certificazioni:

  • Design and oraganisation of Corporate, Institutional and Commercial and/or Cultural Promotional Events in Romania and Italy.
  • Study, organization of Public Diplomacy Campaigns in Romania, Italy and jointly between the two countries for image, cultural and bilateral relations and for promotion of the concept “Made in Italy”.
  • Organisation of cultural and training seminars, team-building and events and charity events publicized to the general public.
  • Media Campaigns in Romania and in Italy, Communication Strategies.
  • Press conferences and PR Activities.
  • Co-production for television.
  • Publishing Activities: Magazines in Romanian and/or Italian.


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